Finnish live music provider Artist Exchange expands to Germany


Finland-based live music startup Artist Exchange is entering Germany's music market.

Finland-based live music startup Artist Exchange is entering Germany’s music market.

Finland-based music industry startup Artist Exchange expands to Germany in early 2017.

Artist Exchange has developed a digital platform that makes buying and selling live gigs easy and efficient. Both professional and occasional buyers can use the platform to search for bands, request quotes from several artists simultaneously and manage and document the entire negotiation process in one place.

The service was launched last spring, and now the company is entering to Germany’s music market. Currently Artist Exchange is looking for a German speaking team to partner in its Germany-based subsidiary. The news was reported by Finnish business daily Talouselämä.

“Live music markets are quite local, you need to go through them market by market”, Hannu Keränen, founder of Artist Exchange and a former event organiser, told to Good News from Finlandin June. “Germany and Sweden are our next target countries. Germany is the biggest live music market in Europe.”

Artist Exchange has gathered altogether close to one million euros to develop its platform and expand internationally. Its private investors include, for example, Samu Haber, the lead singer of internationally successful Finnish music band Sunrise Avenue which has made a breakthrough in the German music market.